What Debts Can Be Discharged In Bankruptcy?

In bankruptcy, certain debts are discharged, which means that the petitioner is no longer legally required to pay them. Other debts are not discharged and the petitioner remains legally responsible for paying them. The types of debts that are commonly discharged in bankruptcy include: Credit card debt Medical bills Personal loans Payday loans Deficiency judgments […]

Wage Garnishments

There’s no two ways about it – a wage garnishment creates a major financial setback for anyone. Earlier this year, the State of Georgia even amended their laws on them, to make the garnishment process more consumer-friendly. The thought of someone else dipping their hands into your paycheck and taking a chunk of your hard-earned […]

Most Common Reasons for Needing to File for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy no longer has the stigma that it had 25 years ago, when the economy was booming and everything was coming up roses. Since 2005, where bankruptcy filings reached an  all-time high, people in the U.S. have continued to take advantage of the bankruptcy laws afforded to them, with an increase of 30% […]

A Brief Guide to Filing Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process is detail-orientated and complicated. If you are considering it for the first time, you might not know what to expect. You may be wondering how long it takes, whether you will have to go to Court or when you will receive your discharge. This post is intended to serve as a general […]

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy and divorce are often closely related. Many of our clients come through our doors because they’re struggling with the loss of income following a divorce. Sadly, some of our clients go through the tough process of divorce after they decide to file for bankruptcy together. This post will explore both of these situations in […]

Celebrities File Bankruptcy Too

Celebrities aren’t immune to life’s curveballs either – they file for bankruptcy too!  Take 50 Cent, for example, who made the news earlier this year concerning the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection he filed for in 2015. His case was made complicated by an Instagram photo he posted on his account, which depicted stacks of money […]

7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score

Helping our clients rebuild their lives after turbulent financial struggles is one of Stone Law Group’s core values – we see it as part of our duty of care we owe our clients. For us, this includes taking care of our clients throughout the entire legal process, whatever that may be. With bankruptcy, we pride […]

Credit Counseling & Debt Settlement Agencies

For a lot of people bankruptcy feels like a last resort as opposed to the practical legal solution that it is. Some individuals will often trouble-shoot alternative methods to bankruptcy when they are finding it difficult to make their payments each month, such as credit counseling or debt settlement services. But what’s the difference between […]

What can really be discharged in bankruptcy? Will I lose all of my assets?

In our experience, there are two big misconceptions that people have about bankruptcy before they meet with an attorney to get accurate information. Firstly, people believe that all debt is eliminated in bankruptcy. Secondly, they believe that this comes at the price of losing all of their assets. Neither of these are entirely true. How […]

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – What’s the difference?

There are four types of bankruptcy that operate under the Bankruptcy Code, but essentially, most people who come through our doors will file for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Sometimes people arrive knowing the differences between these two chapters. However, for those of you who aren’t sure, we’ve included a quick guide below: […]